Saturday night progressive rock powerhouse Queensryche electrified the sold-out crowd at Baltimore Soundstage with another phenomenal show. This talented group of musicians continually exhilarates fans and newcomers alike with their engaging performances. Prior to the concert, guitarist Parker Lundgren graciously invited AXS out to the tour bus for a chat. (more…)

Queensryche is back with a new vocalist, new material, and a live show full of blood, sweat and guitars!  The naysayer that said this band could not survive the departure of vocalist Geoff Tate had never met Todd La Torre.  They also had no idea how much fight was left in this band.

This group of musicians had something to prove.  Four years down the road, they have not only proven they belong, they are gaining respect and new fans.  Tate is gone and the band not only survived… they thrived.  Queensryche is rocking as hard as they did on Rage for Order.  This is band on fire! (more…)

I’ve travelled overseas a few times in recent years to see particular bands and being based out here on the West Coast of Australia we even have to make that long trip over East on occasion to see bands whose itineries or promoters budgets won’t stretch to a trip West. It makes things interesting and of course all these road trips give you a great chance to catch up with old friends and the larger Rock Community. (more…)

Todd La Torre is a vocalist who really came from nowhere when he debuted as a guest vocalist in Crimson Glory at ProgPower in 2009. From this gig people started talking about this thirty year old guy called Todd who just killed all of the Crimson Glory material; a formidable task considering the vocal expertise of Crimson Glory’s first vocalist, Midnight. (more…)