It’s Episode 13 of the Loudwire Podcast and our guests this time were Queensrÿche bassist Eddie Jackson and guitarist Michael Wilton! Masters of prog metal and truly down to earth guys, we got into a number of topics including their fresh reaction on the Grammy nominations, some history with the band as well as what’s on the horizon and our pick for the Best Metal Replacement Singer in our ‘Rocker vs. Writer’ debate. (more…)

I know you’re from Florida, especially in the Tampa area- that’s all death metal. Growing up were you a big death metal guy?

I wasn’t a huge death metal fan, but I can remember as a teen walking through a local mall and seeing the guys of Deicide. They were young! They weren’t even huge at that point. And they would walk around the mall and you know, all those bands- Death was from my area, I think Cannibal Corpse might have been from Tampa. But yeah, that whole death metal scene. I think Tampa is credited as its birthplace. So yeah, those were my influences. And then you know: Iron Maiden, Queensrÿche , Overkill, Testament, Slayer, Stryper- just a big mix of stuff like that.

Now being a drummer, primarily, when did you realize you had this amazing voice?

Oh gosh, I don’t know.

What, did it just come out one day when you were singing?!

I mean, I always loved to sing but I never sang in bands. I was always the drummer in bands. I didn’t think I was good enough.

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Unlike the classic story of the Phoenix in Greek mythology, there doesn’t always have to be a death, or an ending, in order for a rebirth to take place. Sometimes it’s a sort of reconstruction or modernization that unfolds—an evolution if you will—that allows for renewal to happen, and such is the case with progressive metallers, Queensrÿche, who are still—more than three decades after their formation—operating at peak performance.  (more…)

Exclusive backstage interview by Paul Jerome of The Thursday Rockshow on Forest FM with guitarist and songwriter Michael’Whip’ Wilton, founding member of QUEENSRYCHE at their August 2016 show in Wolverhampton UK. Includes chat about the early days, classic albums, recent upheavals, and re-emergence of a revitalised band with new singer Todd La Torre. Plus loads of classic tracks, Michael’s choices, plus extensive playing of current album ‘Condition Human’. (more…)