In the toughest of times, we can always console ourselves with the knowledge that QUEENSRŸCHE pulled it back from the brink. A decade ago, the Seattle legends were dithering around with albums like “Dedicated To Chaos” — a decent enough effort, but so far away from the sound that made the band famous and beloved, that even the most loyal fans were becoming disgruntled. Everything changed in 2013. (more…)

“Digital Noise Alliance”, the fourth studio album with Todd LaTorre on vocals, the sixteenth from QUEENSRŸCHE with founding members Michael Wilton on guitar and bassist Eddie Jackson. The Americans have clearly carried on their ever-evolving legacy since 1983, when they released their self-titled 4-song EP. In this new album, you will find absolutely all the artistic DNA of QUEENSRŸCHE. (more…)

George Dionne interviews QUEENSRŸCHE vocalist TODD LA TORRE for KNAC.COM. La Torre discusses the band’s latest album Digital Noise Alliance, recording the album the old fashioned way, trusting in producer ‘Zuess’ for a 3rd time, touring with JUDAS PRIEST, their upcoming headlining tour, sensational rock news headlines, if there’s going to be another La Torre solo album, and much, much more. (more…)

“Digital Noise Alliance”, the new offering from Queensrÿche, will be released on October 07th via Century Media. Produced by Chris “Zeuss” Harris, who was also at the helm on the band’s two previous albums, “Condition Hüman” and “The Verdict”, it contains eleven tracks of original material, and some editions will also feature a cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”. (more…)

In April 2022, QUEENSRŸCHE finished a five-week North American tour supporting metal gods JUDAS PRIEST. The tour had been not only marked the first time in two years that both bands were able to return to the live stage, but more so for the legendary Bellvue, Washington progressive metal quintet, it had sparked a sudden rejuvenation – the sound of a band locked-in and firing on all cylinders. (more…)

After selling more than twenty million records up to date Queensrÿche returns with a remarkably strong album called ‘Digital Noise Alliance’. It is the fourth album with vocalist Todd La Torre and the follow up to their also excellent album ‘The Verdict‘, which was released in 2019. That album proved that Queensrÿche was still a metal force to be reckoned with and it featured impressive tracks like ,,Portrait” and ,,Bent”. (more…)