I’ve travelled overseas a few times in recent years to see particular bands and being based out here on the West Coast of Australia we even have to make that long trip over East on occasion to see bands whose itineries or promoters budgets won’t stretch to a trip West. It makes things interesting and of course all these road trips give you a great chance to catch up with old friends and the larger Rock Community. (more…)

Todd La Torre is a vocalist who really came from nowhere when he debuted as a guest vocalist in Crimson Glory at ProgPower in 2009. From this gig people started talking about this thirty year old guy called Todd who just killed all of the Crimson Glory material; a formidable task considering the vocal expertise of Crimson Glory’s first vocalist, Midnight. (more…)

Right before the Australian tour, Metal Wani’s Jake Patton had a chat with QUEENSRYCHE frontman Todd La Torre.

He discusses the upcoming Australian tour for the first time in last 1 decade, why they tour a lot since the last two releases, rebuilding the brand, how Queensryche has now become a ‘democratic’ brand, what are the key strength’s of the band and why he feels Queensryche is better than they have been since last decade. (more…)

For me, the first three albums represent a special time for the band. It’s when we took our influences like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept and the Tygers Of Pan Tang and used them to create our own style. People have said we pioneered progressive metal, and I wouldn’t argue with that. You can hear the way we developed with each album from The Warning through Rage For Order, to Operation: Mindcrime.


  1. Arrow Of Time Queensrÿche 0:45
  2. Guardian Queensrÿche 0:45
  3. Hellfire Queensrÿche 0:44
  4. Toxic Remedy Queensrÿche 0:45
  5. Selfish Lives Queensrÿche 0:45
  6. Eye9 Queensrÿche 0:44
  7. Bulletproof Queensrÿche 0:45
  8. Hourglass Queensrÿche 0:44
  9. Just Us Queensrÿche 0:47
  10. All There Was Queensrÿche 0:50
  11. The Aftermath Queensrÿche 0:33
  12. Condition Hüman Queensrÿche 0:56