INTERVIEW: Metal Wani (Todd La Torre)

Right before the Australian tour, Metal Wani’s Jake Patton had a chat with QUEENSRYCHE frontman Todd La Torre.

He discusses the upcoming Australian tour for the first time in last 1 decade, why they tour a lot since the last two releases, rebuilding the brand, how Queensryche has now become a ‘democratic’ brand, what are the key strength’s of the band and why he feels Queensryche is better than they have been since last decade.

He also talks about why fans have been requesting more songs from new albums than playing the old ones which have been played since decades, the status of next record as they are recording new demos now and plan to release a new album by mid 2017.

He throws light on whether he has given drum inputs to Scott Rockenfield while recording songs or live, how he creates drum lines on demos which are meant for new record, how Scott sometimes takes inputs from him and much more.