The 10 best early Queensryche tracks, by Michael Wilton

For me, the first three albums represent a special time for the band. It’s when we took our influences like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept and the Tygers Of Pan Tang and used them to create our own style. People have said we pioneered progressive metal, and I wouldn’t argue with that. You can hear the way we developed with each album from The Warning through Rage For Order, to Operation: Mindcrime.

Every album was a further step forward for us. Another part of the learning curve. We were growing as musicians, which is how we always saw ourselves; we have never thought we were rock stars. It was always about the music. It was a very exciting period for the band, one where we were firing on all cylinders, and what we did back then defined our career. For the fans, this was when we were out at our best, and who am I to argue with what they tell us? When you listen back to those three albums you hear Queensryche at our best. It’s when we were constantly pushing outwards, taking creative risks and prepared to be bold. I am proud of what we did, because this where we made our impact on the world. It was an evolution calling.

From The Warning. I love the double guitar solo I did with Chris DeGarmo. The pair of us had so much fun recording this. And it remains a fan favourite even now.

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  1. Arrow Of Time Queensrÿche 0:45
  2. Guardian Queensrÿche 0:45
  3. Hellfire Queensrÿche 0:44
  4. Toxic Remedy Queensrÿche 0:45
  5. Selfish Lives Queensrÿche 0:45
  6. Eye9 Queensrÿche 0:44
  7. Bulletproof Queensrÿche 0:45
  8. Hourglass Queensrÿche 0:44
  9. Just Us Queensrÿche 0:47
  10. All There Was Queensrÿche 0:50
  11. The Aftermath Queensrÿche 0:33
  12. Condition Hüman Queensrÿche 0:56