INTERVIEW: – Part II (Fozzy)

Queensryche – Interview with the Tour Manager – Part II

So the first part of the interview with the very sympathetic Queensryche tour manager Fozzy O’Hare was already interesting (here!). But here in the second part of our conversation gets her more impressions for everyday life on tour with the American band. Here we go…

MH: What are you doing during the show , while Queensryche are on stage?

Q: This is the time that I mean “Alone Time” call. Since I work on things that 100% concentration required and no interruptions. Day the constantly people coming into the “Production Office” and have issues, needs and problems . So I use the time during the performance for handling media inquiries, inquiries of management or the record company. And I use the time to shower . (Grinning)

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