INTERVIEW: The RIffhard Podcast (Michael Wilton)

Michael “Whip” Wilton is a guitar legend, songwriter, and co-founder of Queensryche.

On this episode:

  • Why Queensryche love working with Zuess
  • What does Michael actually look for in a producer
  • Old school recording vs. modern recording
  • Keeping track of ideas via any means necessary
  • Should you have a backup plan?
  • The benefits of being signed to a label
  • Why Michael uses Pro Tools for his writing rig
  • Get the most powerful computer possible!
  • Writing “Operation: Mindcrime” on a Tascam 4 track
  • The dangers of demo-itis
  • Queensryche’s top priority
  • Maintaining a successful band for over 30 years
  • Should you go to music school?
  • The power of intentionality

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