INTERVIEW: AXS (Michael Wilton)

Unlike the classic story of the Phoenix in Greek mythology, there doesn’t always have to be a death, or an ending, in order for a rebirth to take place. Sometimes it’s a sort of reconstruction or modernization that unfolds—an evolution if you will—that allows for renewal to happen, and such is the case with progressive metallers, Queensrÿche, who are still—more than three decades after their formation—operating at peak performance. 

Still riding high on the success of their 15th studio album, Condition Hüman, Queensrÿche has taken to the road and relished in bringing their ample cache of not just material, but bonafide hits, to stages around the world. The second album by the band recorded with vocalist Todd La Torre, Condition Hüman is a collection of instant fan-favorites comfortably integrating with classic and well-loved Queensrÿche tunes.

While on the tail-end of their Condition Hüman tour with special guests Armored Saint and openers Midnight Eternal, Queensrÿche reigned supreme at the Concord Music Hall in Chicago. Spectacular both aurally and visually from the moment they stepped out on stage until the last note of the evening, Queensrÿche’s performance was flawless and seemingly effortless in the way that only true musicians can execute.

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