INTERVIEW: Sticks for Stones (Michael Wilton)

Levi: You’re up to your second album with Todd La Torre, how have crowds been reacting to him as the new frontman?

Michael: He seamlessly integrated into the band, fans love him, he’s the real deal, there’s no prima donna ego on-stage. It’s not an act, it’s all real. As far as the albums go people are just blown away by Condition Human and his performance on it. We have to prove ourselves with every show and that’s what we have been doing. That’s what we’re doing, we’re getting people that haven’t seen us in a long time and are wondering what happened. They’ve had their heads on the sand or something… their jaws are dropping, it’s unbelievable after the show how many new fans we get and it’s unbelievable that its just a ‘viral’ situation right now. It’s great that we get to bring a high energy version of Queensryche, just like in the good old days back to Australia.

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