INTERVIEW: Iron Raven (Todd La Torre)

Mr. La Torre was generous to spare a few minutes to talk a bit at the Hair Metal Awards event, about the honor of opening for The Scorpions and the dishonor of nearly missing a chance to support his Metal brethren.

What is the dynamic between you and the Scorpions? This is your second tour with them, isn’t it?

Yeah, the first week of the tour for a month with them last year, the end of the year, that was awesome. So, they asked us to join them for the residency here, so…because we toured with them before, seeing them now is like a whole different feeling. We know all the crew, we know all the guys, so, it’s like, “Hey, what’s up?” There isn’t like that introduction phase, we’ve already had all that. It was really great and obviously really honored to be asked to open for them. We are doing nine shows total and five out here in Vegas, it’s pretty cool.

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