INTERVIEW: Heavy Mag Australia (Todd La Torre)

It must be beyond daunting to replace a true icon, but this is exactly what Todd La Torre has done, and done very successfully, in the last four years.

Replacing a seminal singer like Geoff Tate in a legendary band like Queensryche, three decades into their career must have seemed like the proverbial scaling of Everest with both hands tied behind your back, but the bands now-frontman has done it with professionalism, good humour, a deep respect for Tate’s work, and a philosophical attitude towards the reaction he would receive from fans.

We spoke to La Torre recently in the lead up to the band’s tour of Australia in October, and he was more than happy to give a little insight into the monumental task that has faced him since joining the band in 2012, and how difficult it was to step into those shoes.

“I wear boots!” He jokes, “he [Tate] can wear shoes, I like to wear my boots.”

“Seriously, he’s been hailed as one of the greatest of all time of the genre. In my opinion, he created a sound and style of singing. At first, I knew I was going to be harshly criticised. Even if I sounded perfect, I am not him. And because I’m not him, people will say you’re never as good as him in his prime’, and blah fuckin’ blah. And I say, ‘at almost 43 years old, I’m hitting notes that he wasn’t’.”

“Nevertheless, Geoff Tate is legendary, he doesn’t have to prove anything; he’s done more than most will ever even dream to achieve.”

“He carved a path for many and was very influential in my vocal styling and was a reason why I enjoy this kind of singing. I didn’t invent it, I put my own little twist on things, but that guy was very innovative and unique. He should be immensely respected for that.”

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