INTERVIEW: AXS (Parker Lundgren)

Saturday night progressive rock powerhouse Queensryche electrified the sold-out crowd at Baltimore Soundstage with another phenomenal show. This talented group of musicians continually exhilarates fans and newcomers alike with their engaging performances. Prior to the concert, guitarist Parker Lundgren graciously invited AXS out to the tour bus for a chat.

AXS: Let’s start off with a little Parker history…what was the first instrument you learned how to play?

Parker Lundgren: The guitar. I tried to play drums when I was younger, but I was horrible. I ended up switching to drums when I was around 13. I got really into it.

AXS: What was the first song you learned how to play?

P.L.: I think it was a Nirvana song. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” only has like four chords, I kind of think that was the start of it all. It was me and a bunch of my knucklehead friends jamming to stuff. The whole garage band thing, playing at rec centers. We were awful but we all figured it out together. We got better as we got older.

AXS: Anyone from that time that has progressed in the industry along with you?

P.L.: Yes, actually this one guy Brett Pemberton, he was a singer and now he lives in Beverly Hills and writes songs for Katy Perry. Pop songs. He’s doing well for himself.

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