INTERVIEW: Atlantic City Weekly (Michael Wilton)

Harrah’s doubles down on hard rock with Queensryche/Skid Row show

It’s not easy to have success as a band when you are forced to replace your lead singer. Getting the fans to come around to accept someone new as the face of the group — particularly when the former lead singer was so popular — can be nearly impossible. Don’t believe us? Just ask Gary Cherone about how his time in Van Halen went.

That is what makes the double headlining bill of Queensryche and Skid Row so impressive. Both bands were huge names in the 80s and 90s metal scene, and each featured a highly recognizable singer who left under less-than-amicable circumstances (believe it or not, Skid Row is actually on their fifth lead singer, making them the Elizabeth Taylor of hard rock). Skid Row lost Sebastian Bach in 1996, while Queensryche split from Geoff Tate in 2012. Somehow, both acts have managed to continue to press on with new singers, and they will both appear live 9 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 14, at Harrah’s Resort.

Founding Queensryche guitarist Michael Wilton was kind enough to talk to us about the tour, the fans and the current state of rock.

A.C. Weekly: You are touring with Skid Row, another band who has replaced their lead singer. Was that concept planned, or no?

Michael Wilton: No, actually we thought it was just a good combination. It’s a good hard rock/metal collaboration. It’s a very good show.

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