PledgeMusic: New Studio Album

PRE-ORDER the new album from Queensrÿche. Plus bonus content and special packages.

Hello Rychers!!

We have been locked in the studio for the last few months and are still hard at work crafting the new Queensryche album! We always take pride in the music we create and it is you, the loyal supporters, that have allowed us to grow and evolve as a band.

We hope you continue to support us with our forthcoming effort and that you’re as excited as we are for this one!

We’re excited to kick off the album pre-order by offering it here on Pledge, with some exclusives you can’t get anywhere else! While we don’t have an official release date as of yet, we believe the record will be in your hands before the new year. We will be sharing updates here prior to sharing them on our other social platforms.

Thank you for your continued and unwavering support and we can’t wait to start the next chapter with all of you!


Check out the store now, you’ll love what’s inside.