ALBUM REVIEW: RockRevolt Magazine (The Verdict)

10 tracks grace this collection – each one a damn near perfect collaboration of meaning and musical precision. Queensryche has always – and continues – to be one of the most impressive collections of talent on the metal scene. Vocalist Todd La Torre is a major talent – yes, he sounds a lot like original frontman Geoff Tate but this only services the band when it comes to playing their classic catalog. La Torre is also a talented writer, having a hand in the lions share of the selection on this album – he also has a set of pipes on him that are nothing short of impressive. He is THE vocalist for Queensryche and any of you who have a problem with that fact – get the hell out of dodge.

Blood Of The Levant kicks the album off and smacks you right in the teeth with the opening chords. Featuring the band’s trademark driving guitars and melodic backing vocals – you know right from the start that the band is not messing around this time.

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