INTERVIEW: Maximum Ink Music Magazine (Michael Wilton)

The new version of Queensrÿche stands up to the 80’s and 90’s of the Seattle band and is sure to keep their fan base, while still putting on great live shows. When asked if he ever gets tired of playing the older “hits” of Queensrÿche, Wilton laughs, “No, not at all! It’s always good to reminisce and look back at an older song you wrote and reflect as to where your mind was at that age. I love it. I love all of it. The important thing is that the fans want a mix of the old and the new songs. It’s great that we have such a wide diversity of fans that admire Queensrÿche. When we play live, there’s quite a variance on the audience. People have pockets of their favorites. It made a big fingerprint on people in certain points of their life. It’s really endearing and it’s great that we can be a part of everyone’s memories. I love it!

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