INTERVIEW: KNAC.COM (Michael Wilton)

“…it’s not like we’re resting on our legacy of past hits, we’re still forging forward, and that gives us an avenue to tour and spark some interest in up and coming power metal kids.”

KNAC.COM: We’re here with Michael Wilton from QUEENSRYCHE as they are getting ready to play Jannus Live in beautiful Downtown St. Pete. How’s it going, brother?

WILTON: It’s going great. I am loving the weather and it’s way better than the cold, rainy, snowy Northwest. So, QUEENSRYCHE is very happy to be down here in Florida.

KNAC.COM: Congrats on all three albums with Todd and of course your success in the industry. Can you tell us how the last 7 years has been?

WILTON: Well, thank you. It’s been quite a process through the last seven years rebuilding the band and with Todd being the new frontman. It’s been a lot of shows, obviously, proving that we are QUEENSRYCHE, and it’s something that, over time, we knew the fans were gonna be there for us, but it’s more of convincing the industry and the promoters and the people that don’t have their nose to the grindstone per se, it’s something that we attribute all this hard work and touring to is, keeping the longevity of QUEENSRYCHE alive and showing the fans that we can kick ass.

KNAC.COM: Well, I think that the proof is in the pudding with the last two albums in Condition Hüman and The Verdict. Both of those albums reached #1 on many people’s top ten lists for their respective years. What do you attribute that to?

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