INTERVIEW: Classic Rock Revisited (Michael Wilton)

Queensryche is back with a new vocalist, new material, and a live show full of blood, sweat and guitars!  The naysayer that said this band could not survive the departure of vocalist Geoff Tate had never met Todd La Torre.  They also had no idea how much fight was left in this band.

This group of musicians had something to prove.  Four years down the road, they have not only proven they belong, they are gaining respect and new fans.  Tate is gone and the band not only survived… they thrived.  Queensryche is rocking as hard as they did on Rage for Order.  This is band on fire!

We caught up with guitarist Michael Wilton in his tour bus during the Streets Gone Wild Festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma to chat about the new singer, and the new life in the band.

Jeb: I have done many interviews with Queensryche but they have all been with Geoff Tate.  I was inspired to talk to you because I saw Queensryche live at the Moondance Jam in Minnesota last July and Todd plus band blew us all away. 

Michael: That is what happens at every show.  It is unbelievable.  Of course, when a change is made like this you have fans that are so passionate and everything.  We knew we were up for the challenge.  Every show you’re proving to guys with their arms crossed and by the end of the night their jaws are dropped.

It is not the old Queensryche but I like this new one.  It is a rebirth of Queensryche.  It is something that, after four years now we’ve been doing this, people are getting that when they see the name of the band they see Todd [La Torre].  They see the band.  We’ve reached that point and status in this climb that we’re doing again.

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