INTERVIEW: Rock N Roll Damnation (Todd La Torre)

After finishing a brutal 17 date tour of Europe and a series of American dates I caught up with Todd a couple of days into his break before the band heads to Japan and Australia for a series of shows.

Queensryche have landed in Australia and their tour starts tonight in Brisbane. Check out my chat with Todd as we discuss touring, writing and the simple things in life !!

How are you Todd?

I am doing pretty good, I am home in Florida for a couple of weeks break finally. Then we are headed out to Japan and Australia.

You have just finished a 17 date European  tour, followed by 3 dates in the US, which had a pretty full on schedule how was that?

Pretty good, everything has been going well. We are touring year round and just have little pockets of down time. The European run was pretty brutal. It was seventeen shows in twenty days, and that is always hard on any singer, band and crew in general. Overall it was a really successful tour, we had great turnouts and everyone seemed to be pleased.

I love seeing your posts on social media; you just seem to be having a blast out on the road. But I also love the post where you were looking forward to the break, and getting your new washer and dryer. I guess road life can be taxing and the simple things in life very rewarding?

They really do (laughs). I had my new washer/dryer delivered yesterday and I am washing my comforters, all my touring clothes, simple stuff like that. When you are living out of suitcases for so much of the year it is so awesome to just have the simple things like you said. Things like doing your own laundry, taking a shower in your own shower, sleeping in your own bed and having privacy is super rewarding. It is definitely nice being home and in a way I wish I was home more, but that is par for the course.

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