ALBUM REVIEW: Ignite Music Magazine (The Verdict)

Queensryche…What can I say about a band that has been in the industry for over 38 years..Yes, you heard right..38 freaking years!!! Do all of us early Rychers fans feel old now!! Being around that long just is evidence that the band is doing something right, and they still kick ass live…and they are cranking out the albums like there is no end in sight.

Speaking of albums, They just release their 16th album on march 1st via Century Media Records , “The Verdict“…….This one ‘screams’ Queensryche from front to back, I mean they have really have out done themselves with this one. From the start with the opening track “Blood of The Levant“, the music through down the hard crushing rock sound , along with Todd’s high ear piercing vocals is what make them who they are and still around after all these year. “Light-Years” is one of those track you just want to listen to over and over again, Eddies bass playing is like a clinic in this one. “Bent” is a kick ass kick in the face song that rips from start to finish.The album ends with “Portait“, this haunting tune bleeds old school Queensryche ballad that showcases the talent of each member of the band.

So, The verdict is in!! , If you are a Queensryche fan, You are going to love “The Verdict”!!! Go Get it!!

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