INTERVIEW: Loud Hailer (Eddie Jackson)

Queensrÿche are back with their latest album The Verdict and have something to say. The band are very proud of the work they have created with their latest album. Eddie Jackson sits down with Loud Hailer to talk about the brand new record and how the band came together as one to make each song special. He also talks in depth about what it takes to continue touring while having to be more cautious about taking care of yourself.

LH: We will start off with talking about The Verdict. It released on Century Media Records. It is probably the heaviest albums that you guys have had. What has the response been from longtime fans an others?
Eddie: Yeah, the response has been great! We have gotten great responses from not only our fans, but from journalists. People seem to love it.

LH: I saw in a recent interview with your lead singer that this was an album that had the most team effort and everyone got to pitch in and write ideas and parts of songs. Would you care to elaborate on that?
Eddie: Well, I think basically, yeah, I’d have to say it was basically a team effort like our singer, LT said. We tend to work with everyone’s ideas that have been submitted. We will email it to one another, but when we get into pre-production is when we will get together and start crafting all the songs once everyone gets into the studio. It was a whole collective band effort. We really took our time to listen to each song idea and start to put everything in place and all that. We were in pre-production before we came into the studio and took care of all that. We knew there were some songs that needed to be paid more attention than others and some just fell into place, but collectively I’d have to say it was a band effort.

LH: In doing research for this interview, I listened to the album and it is really one of the heaviest albums that you guys have ever done. What do you think contributed to that? Was it just what was going on in all of your lives or do you feel that this was the direction that the band wanted to take?
Eddie: It was a lot of things. Me, personally speaking, I knew based on the last album we could have used songs with a more up tempo feel instead of a mid tempo, but ultimately we write what we feel. We take our time crafting these song ideas and make sure these are strong contenders and worthy enough to be released on an album. We like to keep quality instead of quantity. We are very proud of what we have released on The Verdictand like I said we have been getting many positive reviews on the album. We hope that continues.

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