ALBUM REVIEW: (Digital Noise Alliance)

In the toughest of times, we can always console ourselves with the knowledge that QUEENSRŸCHE pulled it back from the brink. A decade ago, the Seattle legends were dithering around with albums like “Dedicated To Chaos” — a decent enough effort, but so far away from the sound that made the band famous and beloved, that even the most loyal fans were becoming disgruntled. Everything changed in 2013. After weathering an acrimonious split with singer Geoff Tate, they reunited with Todd LaTorre at the mic, and with a shared goal of reconnecting with QUEENSRŸCHE’s past and taking it into the future with pride.

Three albums later, few would dispute that this incarnation of the band has delivered the goods, and with increasing confidence. Their last album, 2019’s “The Verdict”, was widely hailed as an absolute belter, and rightly so. While by no means tethered to some sacred trademark sound, QUEENSRŸCHE had learned to get the best of both worlds by making music that echoed the pristine prog metal of their early classics, while also edging inexorably forward, heads buzzing with fresh ideas.

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