ALBUM REVIEW – The Prog Report (Digital Noise Alliance)

American prog-metal pioneers and giants, Queensrÿche, have returned with their 16th studio album ‘Digital Noise Alliance’. This is the band’s fourth effort with Todd LaTorre on vocals since taking over for original vocalist Geoff Tate. On the outstanding new release, the band has tapped into the sound engineering chops of producer Zeuss—who has done a masterful job of delivering a familiar and refreshed QR sound. Wilton explains what made this album different from prior recordings as the focus of the band was to stay true to the Queensrÿche sound. You can listen here to Michael Wilton’s interview with The Prog Report.

“In Extremis” is the perfect start to the album as it delivers on the sound which is QR at its best. The sound is exactly what you would expect from a band who has forged their classic sound for the better part of 4 decades. Touring drummer Casey Grillo brings forth his performance into the studio for the first time, fitting into the sound palette seamlessly. “Chapters” is kicked off with Jackson’s bass and this rocker’s chorus will have you head banging immediately. “Lost in Sorrow” starts with a guitar riff with all the ingredients of a classic Empire groove. Then the Rage-inspired “Sicdeth” is another great rocker which includes some dual-guitar action and a typical QR breakdown all while LaTorre’s vocals soar with grace and power.

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